The Niagara Furniture Bank is OPEN for Business

Dear Friends,

To our Community Donors and Community Users

As an essential service here in our community, our top priority is to ensure that all community members within the Niagara Region have the basic furniture essentials of what they need in order to make their house into a home. To feel a connection to their new surrounds and start fresh. We are here to ensure a clean, comfortable bed, a secure place to store their personal belongings, feel comfort in a place to relax, a proper place to take a meal, and never to feel alone or in the dark again.

Please inform all referrals that due to the current COVID-19 circumstances, all deliveries are only curbside, and we request that all persons remain a safe physical distance. During the preliminary call to schedule the delivery, we will ensure that they are healthy to receive the items and have not been out of the country or wishing to self quarantining, or self isolating to protect themselves.

To YOU, all our referral friends – THANK YOU. If there is anything, we may do to help you, please do let us know. Wishing you all safe days ahead. We are all in this together.

Collectively We are all in this together. Stay Home. Stay Safe. Wash your Hands.

Your Niagara Furniture Bank

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