Attention All Referring Agents

Please ensure you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer which is no longer remaining and is closing is no longer acceptable as a suitable browsing solution. Please use Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox as they are the preferred browswers of choice. Thank you for all your emails, support and patience as we worked together to get through this.

Attention all third party referring agents and agencies. Please ensure you are properly working with all dedicated SAEO support agents especially if you are working with discretionary funds through Provincial Agencies. Ensure the SAEO agent is aware you are working with the OW / ODSP / OSS / CPP funding as it is a billing issue. We are all here to help and ensure those in need are getting what they require to get a hand up with the proper support systems in place. It only slows the process with contacting, tracking, and in the end billing.  So many third parties are there to help and aid the Provincial Agents, and we thank you all for continuing to help those in need.

Hello Referring Agents and Agencies

With the Province of Ontario decisions to keep the stay-at-home order continuing to June 14, 2021, the Niagara Furniture Bank will still only be doing curb side drop offs to all those who are receiveing deliveries.

The feedback you continue to provide allows all of us to do what is necessary to help you, help the people you help. Our programs and portals with our services and fee structures are here

NEW TO THEM Beds. This is exactly what it means. A indiviudal person, of persons up to eight, recieves a Mattress, Box Spring, Metal Bed Frame, Linens/Sheets, Blanket, Pillow, Protective Mattress Cover, Delivered Curbside to them. Price $100.00.

TWO LARGE ITEMS. Again, exactly what it means. A individual person receives two large items. This can be a Sofa Bed, and Kitchen Table with chairs. There are a number of combinations and this system will only allow for two items to be selected, and includes curbside delivery. Price $150.00.

INDIVIDUAL. A Individual can recieve items to turn their house into a home. Individual my recieved items for a Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, and Study area, including delivery. Price $250.00

FAMILY 2-4 persons. A Family from 2 - 4 individuals recieve 2 - 3 bedroom furnishing, Kitchens sets for up 4 persons. Living Room sets for up to 4 persons, study area up to 4 persons, including delivery. Price $400.00.

FAMILY 5 PLUS PERSONS. A Family 5 individuals or more recieve 4 bedroom furnishing, Kitchens sets for up 5-8 persons. Living Room sets for up to 5-8 persons, two study areas, including delivery. Price $600.00.

Please be reminded that any mattress selected for any of the above referral intakes will be automatically provided with MATTRESS PROTECTIVE COVER. The costs will be shown in the Fees, and added to the billing statement and shown on all invoicing. Price $50.00 per mattress that is requested, except as in the NEW TO THEM MATTRESS, here it is apart of the Fee Structure, but shown separately

Please note that should a delivery indoors need to be required, a request is to be made, with premiums paid, and must be approved on our end. Some of you have made these circumstances available, and we are glad we were able to accomodate, especially when there was no support to be had or if the individual is presently suffering from mobility issues. Additional Fees of $35.00 per indoor delivery will be applied, once an application has been submitted and approved.

Our INTERNAL REFERRAL REQUEST is clearly working for some if not all of you. On Thursday, June 3, 2021 there has been 72 IRR's (Internal Referral Requests), that have come through this new progam portal. 62 of the 72 have been successfully completed, with 10 of currently in our system waiting completeion. Two individuals to date are known as our IRR Specialists and are here to help those who use this particular service. The onboarding link is here.

As an essential service here in our community, our top priority is to ensure that all community members within the Niagara Region have the basic furniture essentials of what they need in order to make their house into a home. To feel a connection to their new surrounds and start fresh. We are here to ensure a clean, comfortable bed, a secure place to store their personal belongings, feel comfort in a place to relax, a proper place to take a meal, and never to feel alone or in the dark again.

We need your help, those who are working with receipients who have no contact information, we request your assistance to be the community recipient liason to that individual referral. Or we request an appointment for that person be placed in the notes. We wish to help every person you put in the system, but having them in the system with no way of contacting them is not helping anyone. We look to you for help and assistance in helping us, help you, help them.

Please remind all referrals that due to the current COVID-19 circumstances, all deliveries at THIS TIME are ONLY CURBSIDE, (unless Indoor Deliveyr has been requested, accepted and approved. At time of delivery we request that all persons wear a proper mask and remain a safe physical distance. During our preliminary call to schedule the delivery, we will ensure that they are healthy to receive the items going through the provincial questioning mandate, as well as ensure they have not been out of the country, wishing to self quarantine, or self are wishing to self isolate to protect themselves.

TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU - THANK YOU. If there is anything, we may do to help you, please do let us know.

Your Niagara Furniture Bank Team

OUR ADDRESS is 211 Church St, St. Catharines, ON. L2R 3E8

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